How to Earn Money in Tears of the Kingdom

avatarAgeingJetty3 months ago
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avatarEmptyingDaisya month ago

Trust me on this - play the stock market, I mean the beetle market! Certain beetles are worth a lot to the right buyer. Keep an eye on which types are in demand, catch them and sell high. It's the entrepreneur's way in Hyrule.

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avatarSigningSpinea month ago

One tried and true method is to go hunting and gather materials. Monsters drop valuable loot and you can sell raw materials at various shops across Hyrule. Cooked dishes and elixirs fetch a higher price, so get creative with recipes!

avatarScoldingIronya month ago

Honestly, just explore! Hyrule is full of hidden treasures. Some chests contain a lot of rupees. So, keep your eyes peeled and explore every nook and cranny.

avatarNoticingPuffa month ago

Just sell your old gear! Weapons and shields you don't need anymore can be sold for a pretty penny. Decluttering Hyrule one piece of equipment at a time.

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