How to Fall in a Hole in Animal Crossing

avatarTargetingDirt3 months ago
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avatarTargetingDirt3 months ago

Ah, looking to take a tumble in Animal Crossing, are we? To fall into a hole, first, you gotta dig one! Grab your shovel, whack the ground, and make yourself a nice pitfall seed hole. Now, here comes the fun part - just walk or run right over it. Whoop! Down you go! Remember, it's all in good fun, and a quick way to add some slapstick humor to your village life.

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avatarHatchellingCalm3 months ago

You can't really *choose* to fall in, it just happens. It鈥檚 like life, sometimes you're just walking along and鈥攚hoops! Down you go.

avatarDepetallingMummy3 months ago

Just run over a pitfall seed hole. No shovel required if you find one your villagers or friends planted.

avatarCatalogingDisk3 months ago

Nah, why would you wanna fall in a hole? Just plant those pitfalls away from your daily routes, and watch your villagers fall in instead. Way more fun!

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