How to Farm Hylian Rice in Tears of the Kingdom

avatarBruisingTopaz·4 months ago
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avatarEmptyingDaisy·a month ago

Farming Hylian Rice in Tears of the Kingdom is easy once you get the hang of it! First, make sure you’ve got a hoe in your inventory. Look for fertile ground, usually found in plains areas or near water sources. Once you've found the perfect spot, equip your hoe, and press the action button to till the soil. After that, select the Hylian Rice from your inventory and plant it. Give it some time, and voilà, you'll have yourself a hearty batch of Hylian Rice! Don't forget to water them if the weather's been dry.

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avatarAutocancellingWeek·a month ago

Just buy it, seriously. You can find Hylian Rice at several shops in-game, especially in villages. Farming's great and all, but when you're on an epic quest to save Hyrule, who's got the time? Plus, it supports the local in-game economy. Win-win!

avatarPracticingClock·a month ago

Honestly, I just stumble upon Hylian Rice while adventuring. Keep an eye out near farming areas in the game, and you'll spot it. Sometimes, the thrill of the find is more satisfying than farming it yourself!

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