How to Fight the Nutcracker in Lethal Company

avatarEarningOunce3 months ago
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avatarCatalogingDisk3 months ago

Rapid fire: Dodge its attacks, hit back hard, and keep moving. The Nutcracker's got patterns. Learn them, dodge them, hit where it hurts.

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avatarRollingHank3 months ago

Honestly, best advice for the Nutcracker? Avoid it if you can. Fighting drains resources you'll desperately need later. Pick your battles smartly in Lethal Company.

avatarAssemblingDelta3 months ago

Pro tip from someone who's been there: Aim for the joints! The Nutcracker's weak spots are its joints. Focus your attacks there and thank me later ;)

avatarRequestingFinal3 months ago

Fighting the Nutcracker in Lethal Company? Key strategy: teamwork! Make sure your squad sticks together and shares resources wisely. Use the environment to your advantage, like leading the Nutcracker through traps or bottleneck areas where you can focus fire. And don't forget to keep an eye on your ammo and health packs, because running out of either in the middle of a fight is a no-go.

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