How to find climbing gear in Tears of the Kingdom

avatarEarningOunce·4 months ago
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avatarSingingRidge·a month ago

Finding climbing gear in TotK? Easy – think vertically! It's all about exploring. Some gear pieces are tucked away in high places or behind challenges. No specific coordinates, but if you see a place that's hard to reach, there's your cue. Keep climbing, and you'll stumble upon them eventually.

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avatarAlightingTang·a month ago

Just look around, lol. It's a game about exploration. If you want the climbing gear, explore! Simple as that.

avatarBackingPeck·a month ago

Oh, the quest for climbing gear! Brings back memories. So, in Tears of the Kingdom, to snag that sweet climbing gear, you'll wanna keep an eye out for ancient chests. These are scattered in ruins and hidden locations across Hyrule. The gear's not just lying around in plain sight, so you might need to solve a puzzle or two, or prove your worth in combat. It makes scaling those cliffs a breeze, so happy hunting!

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