How to Find Electabuzz in Pokemon GO

avatarBurstingHong·11 days ago
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avatarNoticingPuff·11 days ago

Check the weather too! Electabuzz spawns more frequently in rainy and windy weather. So, grab your umbrella and power up your phone!

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avatarSortyingSlag·11 days ago

Electabuzz likes to hang out where electricity flows! Industrial parks, schools, and even near dandy power plants might do the trick. Zap away to those spots and you might just find one!

avatarBruisingTopaz·11 days ago

Bro, just wait for an event featuring Electric-type Pokémon. Niantic loves hosting those.

avatarMisleadingBride·11 days ago

I found my Electabuzz near an electric substation. Less glamorous, but hey, Electabuzz isn't picky. Try looking around those places.

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