How to Find Hours Played on Valorant

avatarRemovingMyth3 months ago
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avatarRollingHank3 months ago

Just email Riot dude, they'll send you all your play stats which includes hours played. It's kinda roundabout but it works.

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avatarDistributingJoke3 months ago

Checking your hours played in Valorant isn't as straightforward as in some other games, but there's a workaround! Riot Games doesn't directly show playtime in the game, so you'll need to email Riot Support and ask them for your 'Account Data Request.' This report includes detailed stats about your playtime. Just shoot them a message, and you'll get all the info you need!

avatarDepetallingMummy3 months ago

Honestly, why bother? Just enjoy the game. Knowing your hours might just remind you of all the sleep you missed while playing. ;)

avatarWanderingFacet3 months ago

As of now, Valorant doesn't have an in-game feature to check hours played. Your best bet is to contact Riot Support for that info. It's a bit of a hassle, but they're pretty good about getting back to you with your detailed playtime stats!

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