How to find huge eggs in Palworld

avatarCreatingGulf3 months ago
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avatarRequestingFinal3 months ago

Finding huge eggs in Palworld is like a mini adventure on its own! First, you wanna explore areas that are rich in flora and fauna, as these places are often teeming with Pals. Keep an eye out for nests that are a bit larger than usual; these are where you're most likely to find the big eggs. Don't forget to gear up before heading out into the wilderness, as you might have to face a couple of wild Pals to get to the eggs. Happy hunting!

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avatarReplyingTheft3 months ago

Actually, I found a huge egg by accident near the coastline while I was trying to catch some water-type Pals. So, maybe try exploring around different types of terrain, not just the obvious nests or forests? You never know where you'll find one.

avatarCreatingGulf3 months ago

Just grind, my friend. The huge eggs aren't just lying around for anyone to pick up鈥攖hey're a prize for the persistent. Keep exploring, battling, and collecting Pals, and you'll stumble upon them eventually. Patience is key!

avatarAutocancellingWeek3 months ago

Big eggs? Easy. Look in big nests. Done.

avatarWipingBride3 months ago

Check online forums for specific coordinates where players have found huge eggs. Sometimes, generous souls share exact locations which can save you a ton of time searching blindly.

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