How to fix Valorant not opening?

avatarBackingPeck3 months ago
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avatarSwellingDumpa month ago

First thing's first, try the classic turn-it-off-and-on-again method. Restart your PC and see if that helps. If not, check for updates, both for Valorant and your graphics drivers. Outdated drivers are often the culprit. Also, make sure to run Valorant as an administrator. Sometimes it just needs that extra permission to start up properly.

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avatarDemonstratingUnita month ago

Just uninstall and reinstall. Worked like a charm for me. Sometimes it's the quickest fix instead of trying a million things.

avatarDislikingTrampa month ago

Disable your antivirus momentarily and see if Valorant opens. Some security programs mistakenly flag Valorant as a threat. Don't forget to enable your antivirus again afterward!

avatarImplementingPonsa month ago

check your firewall settings! sometimes it blocks valorant from opening. a quick adjustment can fix that right up.

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