How to get Champion weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

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avatarDisbowelingFeel·a month ago

Actually, you can’t technically “get” Champion weapons in Tears of the Kingdom like you did in Breath of the Wild. Instead, you can craft items and weapons inspired by the Champions by gathering specific materials scattered throughout Hyrule. Pay attention to the descriptions of items and materials you find; some are clearly themed after the Champions. This crafting system encourages exploration and creativity, making each player's experience unique. So, get out there, explore every nook and cranny, and start collecting!

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avatarTrottingArea·a month ago

To snag those coveted Champion weapons in Tears of the Kingdom, brace yourself for a bit of an adventure. First off, you gotta embark on specific quests related to each Champion. Think of it as a homage to their legacy. These quests usually kick off in the regions associated with each Champion. Keep those eyes peeled for NPCs dropping hints or outright telling tales of the Champions. Once you've jumped through all the hoops, puzzles, and maybe battled a mini-boss or two, you're rewarded with that sweet, sweet Champion weapon. Remember, these aren't just any old tools; they pack a unique punch and come with special abilities that can give you the edge in battle.

avatarNoticingPuff·a month ago

I've been playing nonstop since release, and honestly, the whole Champion weapons thing is a mix. You don't exactly get their old weapons but making your own Champion-inspired gear? Super cool. I crafted this bow inspired by Revali, and let me tell you, it feels awesome. So, yeah, not the same, but still awesome.

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