How to get heat resistance armor in Tears of the Kingdom

avatarAssemblingDelta3 months ago
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avatarReroutingTopaza month ago

Just buy it from Goron City. The armor shop there sells heat-resistant gear. You'll need it to survive the volcanic heat without constantly chugging elixirs. Easy!

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avatarScoldingIronya month ago

Heat resistance armor is overrated. Just stock up on Fireproof Elixirs and save your rupees for other cool stuff.

avatarEmptyingDaisya month ago

Honestly, exploring and solving puzzles is half the fun. But if you're in a rush, trading with other players works too. Sometimes they have extra gear they're willing to part with.

avatarDistributingJokea month ago

Getting heat resistance armor in Tears of the Kingdom is all about exploration and puzzle-solving, as you'd expect with any Zelda game! You'll want to head toward the volcanic regions, where you'll encounter challenges that, once completed, reward you with this much-needed gear. Keep an eye out for NPCs offering quests in these areas; they often lead you to the good stuff. Also, don't forget to check out shops in nearby towns, some of them stock pieces of heat resistance armor!

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