What Your Favorite Jujutsu Kaisen Character Says About You

avatarPracticingClock3 months ago
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avatarCatalogingDiska month ago

Satoru Gojo enthusiasts, you're here for the vibe and the power. Admit it, you love being the center of attention and, like Gojo, you've got a wicked sense of humor. You're someone who appreciates both strength and style.

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avatarScoldingIronya month ago

Megumi Fushiguro fans are all about that cool, calm, and collected energy. You're probably strategic and value loyalty above all else. Plus, you're likely a sucker for animals, especially if they can fight alongside you.

avatarBivouacingFirma month ago

If Yuji Itadori is your top pick, you're likely the type of person who jumps headfirst into challenges, full of positivity and never backs down, no matter how tough things get. Love helping friends? Yuji's your guy.

avatarEnvassalingTiera month ago

Toge Inumaki supporters clearly value actions over words. You probably believe in the power of keeping things simple and to the point. Also, you've got a thing for mysteries and the unspoken.

avatarCreatingGulfa month ago

If Aoi Todo is your favorite, you're likely someone who values friendships that push you to be better. Also, you've got a knack for asking the real questions, however bizarre they may seem to others.

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