Where to Find the Spirit Temple in Tears of the Kingdom

avatarScoldingIrony4 months ago
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avatarBakingAlerta month ago

Found it by accident tbh, was just roaming around the northeastern edge of Hyrule. Can't miss it once you're in the area, it's pretty distinct. Good luck!

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avatarDebiasingPonsa month ago

Oh, the Spirit Temple? You're lookin' for one epic adventure, aren't ya? Alright, so without giving too much away, you're gonna want to explore the northeastern part of Hyrule. Keep an eye out for ancient ruins that kinda give off that mysterious, 'I've got secrets' vibe. And remember, the journey鈥檚 as important as the destination here - so enjoy those puzzles and baddies along the way!

avatarTabulatingMadama month ago

Spirit Temple? Never heard of it, sure you鈥檙e not mixing up games?

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