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  • Announcing: A New Prizes Model

    Announcing: A New Prizes Model

    Announcing a change to the way prizes work in the Playbite app. This change makes winning prizes fairer and simpler!

  • Announcing: Ads & Subscriptions

    Announcing: Ads & Subscriptions

    Playbite is enabling ads and subscriptions so we can drop more prizes for all of you – our amazing community!

  • Is Playbite Legit?

    Is Playbite Legit?

    Playbite is 100% legit! We understand that people might be skeptical, so we wrote this article to explain in detail how it works.

  • Creating Your Own Collectible on Playbite

    Creating Your Own Collectible on Playbite

    Ever wondered how Collectibles are created on Playbite? Have you wanted to make your own? We created this guide to teach you or your team how to make your own using a free modeling tool called Blender! Follow the steps listed below to get started, make your own, and submit it to the Playbite team […]

  • Introducing: Puzzle Prizes 🧩

    Introducing: Puzzle Prizes 🧩

    Last updated on September 23rd, 2022 at 03:36 pmHi friends! As you might already know, we’re constantly working and thinking through new ways to win! We realize that prize drops once a week might be inconvenient for many. We realize that the most popular prizes get picked up in seconds when they drop, so we’re starting to test […]