Playbite Town Hall #2


Playbite Town Hall #2

Hi guys! We held our second ever Town Hall on October 26, 2022. It was a blast, and we want to thank everyone who made it ❤️

We recorded the whole thing and put it on YouTube, so if you weren’t able to join, you can come check it out below:

If you haven’t, please consider joining our Discord community – it’s a blast! @ Nic, Jessica, or Diego and we’ll throw in a little prize into your account 😉

More Community Collectibles

We had many collectibles designed by the community reach the voting threshold. These will be dropping in the app soon for all of you to collect!

New community collectibles coming!

Claims are back to stay!

We listened to your feedback, and brought Claims back! You get a refill of 25 claims a day, and you can choose when you want to “claim” your tickets after a game has ended.

This way, you can make sure you spend your claims on high-earning games, and not waste them on bad games.


That’s right, friending is finally here! If you haven’t already, invite your friends and start competing on the leaderboards. You can even add Diego or Nic as friends if you want – just look us up on the search bar!

Coming Soon: Challenges

Why is friending important? Well… soon, you will be able to play with your friends too!


Coming Later: Collectible Powers

Just a tease… more to come on that.

Mockup of collectible powers

We’ll be doing Town Halls every month, so be sure to stay tuned for more… and if you haven’t, join our Discord to hang out with the Playbite community!

Diego Kafie is the CEO and co-founder of Playbite. Playbite is a mobile arcade where users can play a wide variety of fun and simple games, earn tickets for playing, and redeem those tickets for all kinds of fun prizes!