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Can I Move Fish Between Aquariums on Fishdom?

Can I Move Fish Between Aquariums on Fishdom?
Tatiana Burgos

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Ever wonder if you can shuffle your finned friends between tanks in Fishdom? Well, you’re not alone. Many Fishdom enthusiasts are curious about the same thing.

So, can you move fish between aquariums on Fishdom? Let’s dive into the answer and find out!

Quick Splash: Moving Fish in Fishdom

Yes, indeed! In Fishdom, you have the cool ability to move fish and other decorations between your aquariums once you unlock this feature. This adds a layer of fun and customization to your gameplay, giving your aquatic worlds a personal touch.

Moving fish around isn’t just for looks, though. It can also be part of your strategy to create the most pleasant environments for your fishy pals. Plus, decorating becomes more engaging as you mix and match themes across tanks.

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