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Can You Trade Gold Stickers In Monopoly GO?

Can You Trade Gold Stickers In Monopoly GO?
Diego Kafie

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Monopoly GO! is the app that’s got everyone collecting property stickers and building empires. But there’s a mystery: can you trade those fancy gold stickers with your friends in Monopoly GO?

We’ve got you covered. Stick with us as we tell you all about it.

Trading Gold Stickers In Monopoly GO!

Yes, you can trade gold stickers in Monopoly GO!

This feature was added in a recent update, allowing players to finally help each other out with those incomplete albums.

Here are the steps to trade them:

  1. Go to your Album menu
  2. Choose the extra gold sticker you want to trade: Look for the ones with a +1 or higher number next to them, indicating you have duplicates.
  3. Select “Trade” from the sticker’s options
  4. Pick the friend you want to trade with
  5. Choose the gold sticker(s) you want in return You can only trade one gold sticker at a time, but you can request multiple stickers from your friend in exchange.
  6. Send the trade offer Your friend will then have the option to accept or decline the trade.

Remember, trading gold stickers is still a relatively new feature, so not everyone may be familiar with it yet.

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