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How do you beat level 85 in Fishdom?

How do you beat level 85 in Fishdom?
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Ever found yourself stuck on level 85 in Fishdom, scratching your head on how to get past it? You’re not alone. This colorful, underwater adventure can sometimes send players on a deep dive for answers. But fear not! We’re here to surface some tips that’ll help you swim past this challenge.

So, how exactly do you beat level 85 in Fishdom? Let’s dive right in and break it down.

Quick Tips to Conquer Level 85

Level 85 in Fishdom can seem like a tricky tide to navigate, but with some strategy, you can beat it. To start, focus on making combinations near the bottom of the board. This tactic often leads to chain reactions that clear more pieces and bring you closer to your goal.

Another key to defeating level 85 is to use your power-ups wisely. Don’t rush to activate them. Instead, wait for the perfect moment when they can clear the most obstacles or collect the most pieces. Combining power-ups can also create a massive effect, sweeping you closer to victory.

Winning More than Just the Level

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Win Fishdom Credit on Playbite
Win Fishdom Credit on Playbite

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