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How Many Boards Are In Monopoly GO?

How Many Boards Are In Monopoly GO?
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We all know the traditional Monopoly game, but what happens when it goes digital? That’s Monopoly GO!, a mobile game that throws out the old board and brings the streets to life. However, how many different boards are in Monopoly GO?

Keep reading because we’re about to dive in and find out!

Boards In Monopoly GO!

The exact number of boards in Monopoly GO! is a bit vague. Different sources report varying numbers.

The game advertises having over 100 game boards. However, some players claim that they have counted over 300 boards. Therefore, the exact number of boards most likely falls between 100 and 300.

So, while we can’t give you a precise number, we can definitely say the game offers a wide variety of Monopoly experiences to explore in Monopoly GO!

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