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How Many Levels Are In Monopoly GO?

How Many Levels Are In Monopoly GO?
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As you may already know, Monopoly GO! is the popular mobile app that takes the classic board game of Monopoly and adds a real-world twist. Players can buy and sell properties, collect rent, and much more, all while walking or running around their city.

However, unlike the traditional Monopoly game, this one doesn’t have any set levels. So, how many levels are there in Monopoly GO?

Let’s find out!

Monopoly GO! Levels

Monopoly GO! doesn’t have a number of levels in the traditional sense. Instead, it uses a net worth system to track your progress. As you earn more money and buy more properties, your net worth increases and you unlock new rewards and features.

According to our research, the highest net worth that has been achieved so far is 1774.

So, while there is no definitive answer to this, it’s safe to say that there are many levels to Monopoly GO!

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