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How To Add Friends On Monopoly GO!

How To Add Friends On Monopoly GO!
Diego Kafie

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Monopoly GO! isn’t just about buying Boardwalk and Park Place – it’s about the friendly rivalries and the comebacks you share with other players. But how do you actually add friends and unleash the multiplayer feature in this mobile Monopoly masterpiece?

Stick with us as we walk you through the three simple ways to add friends on Monopoly GO!

Adding Friends On Monopoly GO!

1. Facebook Friends: Open the Friends & Family menu and tap on Facebook. The game will request permission to connect. Once you grant it, it will scan your Facebook friend list and identify those who play Monopoly GO! You can then choose which friends to add.

2. Your Contacts: Open the Friends & Family menu and tap on Contacts. The game will ask for permission to access your contacts. Allow it, and it’ll scan for Monopoly GO! Similar to Facebook, you can then pick and choose which contacts to add.

3. Invite by Link: Open the Friends & Family menu and tap on Invite. The game will generate a unique link – copy it. Then share this link with anyone you want to add as your friend. Once someone clicks the link, downloads the app, and creates an account.

Now get out there, invite your crew, and get ready to rule the Monopoly GO! world together.

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