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How to Beat Level 139 on Royal Match

How to Beat Level 139 on Royal Match
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Struggling to beat Level 139 on Royal Match and wondering how and what secrets might tip the scales in your favor? You’re not alone! This guide is crafted to demystify the challenge and equip you with strategies to conquer this tricky level.

So, how exactly can you triumph over Level 139 in Royal Match? Let’s dive into the winning strategies that have helped many players move forward.

Master Level 139 with These Strategies

Success in Level 139 of Royal Match hinges on understanding the level’s objectives and employing a few clever tactics. Firstly, remember that Royal Match is a match-3 game where your goal is to align three or more gems of the same kind. Easy, right? But as you’ve found, Level 139 has its unique twists.

To conquer this level, focus on making special combinations. These can be stripes, wraps, or even bomb gems that obliterate large numbers of gems at once, clearing the way faster. Prioritize clearing them by making matches above them or using special candies. This level has a lot of chocolate squares that block your progress, focus on that.  Don’t forget to keep an eye on the number of moves left and plan accordingly. Sometimes, it’s all about that one game-changing combo!

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