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How to Beat Level 177 on Royal Match

How to Beat Level 177 on Royal Match
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So, wondering how to beat Level 177 in Royal Match? You’re not alone. This level can be a tough nut to crack, but we’ve got the secrets to help you conquer it. Let’s dive into how you can outsmart King Robert’s latest challenge and continue your match-3 journey.

Wondering how to tackle Level 177 in Royal Match? We’ve got you covered with strategies and tips to help you beat this tricky level.

Winning Strategies for Level 177

The key to beating Level 177 in Royal Match is to focus on creating powerful combos. Specifically, aim for creating Bomb and Rocket combos. These powerful combinations can clear large sections of the board, helping you meet the level’s objectives more efficiently. Level 177 might have chocolate squares hindering your progress. Prioritize clearing them by matching candies above them or using special candies.

Also, pay close attention to the layout at the start of the level, and plan your moves accordingly. Prioritize making matches at the bottom of the play area to trigger cascades, giving you more opportunities to create combos without using additional moves.

Turning Royal Match Success into Playbite Wins

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