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How to Beat Level 92 on Fishdom: A Quick Guide

How to Beat Level 92 on Fishdom: A Quick Guide
Jessica Ferguson

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Stuck on level 92 in Fishdom? Wondering how you can beat it and keep your fishy friends happy? You’ve splashed to the right place!

Everyone playing Fishdom reaches a point where they find a level a bit too tricky – and level 92 is often that level. But don’t worry, we’ve got the scoop on how to get past it.

Short and Sweet: Winning Level 92

To beat level 92 in Fishdom, focus on clearing the gold tiles quickly. Prioritize making matches near them or use power-ups to blast them away.

Remember, combining power-ups can make a big difference. A bomb and a lightning power-up together can clear a huge chunk of the board. Keep your moves and their outcomes in mind, and you’ll beat level 92 in no time!

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