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How to Disconnect Monopoly Go from Facebook

How to Disconnect Monopoly Go from Facebook
Stu Feldt

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Are you wondering how to untangle your Monopoly Go game from Facebook? You’re not alone! Let’s dive straight into how you can separate these two.

Many gamers link their Monopoly Go accounts with Facebook for an easy login. But what if you decide to disconnect them? We’ve got you covered.

Steps to Disconnect Monopoly Go from Facebook

The process is simple. First, open the Monopoly Go app on your device. Look for the settings menu, which is usually symbolized by a gear icon. In the settings menu, scroll until you find the option related to account settings or social connections.

Here, you should see an option to disconnect from Facebook. Tap it, and confirm your decision if prompted. This action will unlink your Monopoly Go account from Facebook, making them independent of each other once more.

Why Disconnect From Facebook?

Some players prefer not to have their social media linked to gaming apps for privacy reasons. Others might want to link a different account or simply clean up their online connections. Whatever your reason, disconnecting Monopoly Go from Facebook is straightforward and reversible.

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