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How to Do the Airplane Mode Glitch in Monopoly Go

How to Do the Airplane Mode Glitch in Monopoly Go
Tatiana Burgos

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Ever wondered how to pull off the airplane mode glitch in Monopoly Go? Well, you’re in the perfect spot to find out! Monopoly Go, the thrilling mobile board game that combines classic Monopoly fun with some extra spice, has a few tricks up its sleeve, and the airplane mode glitch is one of them.

Let’s dive into how gamers use this glitch to their advantage.

The Quick Answer to the Airplane Mode Glitch

First off, what is this glitch all about? Essentially, the airplane mode glitch is a trick players use to gain extra dice without waiting for the usual refill time. Sounds handy, right?

Players perform this glitch by disconnecting their device from the internet, which tricks the game into refreshing their dice. It’s a simple yet effective way to get more out of your Monopoly Go experience. However, it’s important to understand that exploiting glitches or cheats in any game goes against fair play and can have negative consequences.

Step-by-Step: Performing the Airplane Mode Glitch

Ready to try it out? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Monopoly Go on your device.
  • Switch your device to airplane mode, cutting off all internet connections.
  • Wait a few moments, then switch airplane mode off and reconnect to the internet.
  • Return to your Monopoly Go game and see your dice have been refreshed!

Remember, this glitch is a bit of a gray area in gaming, and we actually don’t recommend that you do this.

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