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How To Get A Legendary Card In Clash Royale

How To Get A Legendary Card In Clash Royale
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Legendary cards in Clash Royale: shiny, powerful, and hard to get. Feeling left out of the Legend club? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

We’re here with a simple guide to snagging those Legendary Cards. Whether you’re an all-time player looking to expand your collection or a new one dreaming of getting the best cards, our tips will guide you on how to get them.

Read on!

Getting Legendary Cards In Clash Royale

Fortunately, there are various ways to increase your chances of getting Legendary Cards:

  • Chest Cycle: Every 240 chests you open guarantees a Legendary Chest.
  • Arena Progression: Reaching higher arenas unlocks Legendary cards in the Shop rotation and increases the chance of getting them from Legendary Chests and other chests.
  • Clan Wars: Dedicated participation and high performance in Clan Wars can reward you with Legendary Chests.
  • Special Events and Challenges: Some events and challenges offer Legendary cards as rewards for reaching milestones or scoring high on the leaderboard.
  • Mastery Challenges: Mastering a card offers a small chance of obtaining its Legendary counterpart.

You can also always purchase them with gems in the shop, or getting the Pass Royale which will give you a bonus Legendary Chest at the end of each season.

With gameplay and a bit of luck, you’ll soon be adding a Legendary card to your deck!

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