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How To Get Raid Medals In Clash of Clans

How To Get Raid Medals In Clash of Clans
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As you may know, raid medals are a very valuable resource in Clash of Clans that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. But how can you get them?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player looking to boost your medal count, read on as we walk you through various strategies and tips on how to get raid medals in the game.

Getting Raid Medals In Clash of Clans

There are two main ways to get Raid Medals in Clash of Clans:

1. Participating in Raid Weekends: Every member who participates receives a base amount of Raid Medals. Also, completing certain objectives during it, such as destroying an enemy district or defending districts effectively will get you additional Raid Medals.

2. Clan Capital Shop: You can occasionally purchase Raid Medals through the Clan Capital Shop with Capital Gold. However, they are usually offered as part of special deals or limited-time offers.

Remember, Raid Medals are an important resource for upgrading your Clan Capital and gaining an edge over other clans.

So, get out there, attack those Capitals, and maximize your medal earnings!

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