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How To Get Super Light Ball In Royal Match

How To Get Super Light Ball In Royal Match
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Excited to level up your gameplay in Royal Match and unlock the elusive Super Light Ball? This powerful game changer is a coveted item that can for sure enhance your gaming experience, giving you unique advantages and boosting your scores.

However, obtaining the Super Light Ball may seem like a complicated task for some players. Fear not! In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly how to obtain the Super Light Ball to elevate your Royal Match experience to new heights.

Getting Super Light Ball In Royal Match

To unlock the Super Light Ball in Royal Match, you need to reach level 292 and then complete 10 consecutive levels without failing. Once you fulfill both conditions, the Super Light Ball will become active.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Reach level 292: This is the minimum level required to access the Super Light Ball feature.
  2. Win 10 consecutive levels: Once you reach level 292, focus on completing 10 levels one after another without losing. Remember, losing a level resets your progress!
  3. Enjoy the Super Light Ball: After winning 10 consecutive levels, the Super Light Ball will be activated. This powerful booster doubles the effect of the regular Light Ball, helping you clear challenging levels more easily.

Good luck, and enjoy the enhanced gameplay with the Super Light Ball!

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