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How To Play Monopoly GO!

How To Play Monopoly GO!
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Whether you’re a Monopoly pro or just starting out, understanding how to play Monopoly GO! is the key to building your empire in this fast-paced version of the classic game.

This guide is your go-to helper to get the hang of the basics, strategies, and twists that make Monopoly GO! a favorite!

The Basics Of Monopoly GO!

In Monopoly GO!, your journey around the board is dictated by the roll of the dice. Each roll will determine how many spaces you move. You can land on different properties, encounter Community Chest and Chance cards, and discover the unique elements of each board.

As you land on unowned properties, you can choose to purchase them with your Monopoly GO! money. Owning a complete set of the same color properties unlocks valuable bonuses. And, once you own all properties of a color set, you can start building houses and hotels. These increase the rent you collect from opponents landing on your spaces – the more developed your properties, the higher the rent!

You can also land in Community Chest & Chance, which can affect your money, properties, or position on the board. You can also land on Jail, where you have to pay taxes as required and navigate your way out of it by rolling a specific dice number or using special items.

So, good luck and roll high!

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