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How to Start Royal Match From the Beginning

How to Start Royal Match From the Beginning
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Wondering how to kick off your Royal Match adventure right from scratch? Let’s dive into how to start Royal Match from the very beginning, ensuring you get off on the right foot in this thrilling match-3 game.

If you’re looking to restart Royal Match, perhaps after taking a break or just wanting a fresh start, you’re in the right spot. We’re here to guide you through resetting the game and beginning anew.

Starting Fresh in Royal Match

Unfortunately, Royal Match does not offer a straightforward ‘reset’ button within the app. However, there are a couple of ways to start the game over from the beginning. One involves deleting the app and reinstalling it, and the other requires creating a new account under a different email or social media profile.

Firstly, you can try removing Royal Match from your device and then downloading it again from the App Store or Google Play Store. This method might work for some users, but your progress might still be saved if you previously connected the game to a social media account or email. You could try logging in to the game as a guest.

Alternatively, the more reliable way to start over is to play Royal Match on a new account. You will need to use an email or social media account that has not been previously linked to the game. This way, you can enjoy the game from the very beginning, experiencing the thrill of matching gems anew.

Make Your Royal Match Experience More Rewarding with Playbite

Now that you’re starting over in Royal Match, why not make the experience even more fun and rewarding? With Playbite, you can play casual mobile games and earn rewards like official App Store and Google Play gift cards. These can then be used to obtain Royal Match currencies like coins and hearts, enhancing your gaming experience.

Download the Playbite app today and dive into a world of fun where playing games rewards you with prizes. Start your Royal Match journey anew and use Playbite to get ahead in the game with extra coins and hearts. It’s the perfect way to blend entertainment and rewards!

Win Royal Match Credit on Playbite
Win Royal Match Credit on Playbite

In case you’re wondering: Playbite simply makes money from (not super annoying) ads and (totally optional) in-app purchases. It then uses that money to reward players with really cool prizes!

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