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How To Trade Cards In Monopoly GO!

How To Trade Cards In Monopoly GO!
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Ready to enhance your Monopoly GO! experience by trading cards with your friends? Trading cards can be a strategic way to strengthen your hand and boosting your chances of success in the game.

Now, let’s dive in and discover how to master the art of card trading in Monopoly GO!

Trading Cards In Monopoly GO!

Unfortunately, you can’t officially trade cards in Monopoly GO! But there is a feature that you can use to indirectly trade cards and complete sets.

  1. Identify your missing cards: Review your album to pinpoint the cards you’re missing from specific sets.
  2. Select the cards to send: Choose any duplicates you have that you’re willing to send to a friend.
  3. Send the cards to friends: Decide which friend will receive the cards.

Ensure you’ve talked with your friend beforehand. Once you’ve sent the card, you’ll need to trust that they’ll send one back as a “trade”.

Sure.. it’s not exactly a direct trade, but it works!

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