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How To Upgrade King Tower In Clash Royale

How To Upgrade King Tower In Clash Royale
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Unlocking the full potential of your Clash Royale journey involves more than just upgrading cards; it also about strengthening the foundation of your empire – the King Tower. So, the question here is: how can you upgrade King Tower in Clash Royale?

Elevating your King Tower not only fortifies your defense but also grants you a strategic advantage on the battlefield.

If you’re curious about how to upgrade your King Tower in Clash Royale and unleash its full power, you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we delve into the steps, strategies, and significance of upgrading your King Tower!

Upgrading King Tower In Clash Royale

Upgrading your King Tower in Clash Royale is key for unlocking new cards, increasing your deck’s power, and climbing the ladder. Here’s how you can achieve that:

  • Gaining Experience (XP): This is the primary way to level up your King Tower. XP is earned through various activities like winning battles, donating cards, opening chests, and completing daily or seasonal challenges.
  • Using XP to upgrade: Once you have accumulated enough XP, head to the King’s Journey tab and spend it to upgrade your King Tower. Each level unlocks new cards, increases troop and building levels, and grants Tower Power, boosting your overall defense.

Also, join an active clan, as they offer more opportunities for card donations and collective effort in challenges, boosting your XP progress.

Participate in special events every time you can, and remember patience is key!

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