Are all GTA games connected?

avatarResolvingGame3 months ago
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avatarForetellingTable3 months ago

Not exactly, fam. Think of the GTA series like different episodes of a TV show. Each game has its own story, set of characters, and city. But, they do share the same universe. So, you'll hear references to places and events from other games, which is pretty cool if you're paying attention. It's like easter eggs for the fans!

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avatarAttainingFord3 months ago

Yes and no. They're set in the same universe but you're not gonna see Tommy Vercetti hanging out with Trevor. It's more about shared history and some recurring brands or locations.

avatarRegulatingHale3 months ago

As someone who's played every single GTA game, I can tell you they're connected but loosely. It's the small details that link them together. Like, characters from older games being mentioned in the newer ones, or seeing the evolution of certain fictional brands throughout the series.

avatarAutocancellingWeek3 months ago

Nah, they're not connected. Each GTA game is its own thing. Sure, there might be a nod here and there to past games, but you're not going to need a family tree to understand what's going on.

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