Can I use Japanese Pokemon cards in the game?

avatarDealingDada3 months ago
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avatarSignalingCloud3 months ago

Sure, you can use Japanese Pokemon cards in casual play with friends, but they're not usually allowed in official tournaments. Most tournaments require cards in the local language to avoid confusion and to make sure everyone understands what each card does. But hey, they're super cool for collectors and can be a fun addition to friendly matches!

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avatarBustingSpire3 months ago

Japanese cards? Absolutely rad for collecting and casual games. Just remember, official competitive play? Not so much. They want cards in English to keep things streamlined and understandable for all players.

avatarPressingDesk3 months ago

Yeah, you can, but only if you're playing with friends or in a casual setting where everyone is cool with it. For official tournaments, you're gonna need English cards or whatever the official language is in your region. Just a heads up!

avatarPassingDada3 months ago

Eh, why bother using Japanese cards unless you're collecting? Stick to English for playing, makes life easier.

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