Can the Steam Deck Only Play Steam Games?

avatarCluingWear12 days ago
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avatarTrottingArea12 days ago

Nope! The Steam Deck can run a ton of non-Steam games too. You can install other game stores like Epic Games, GOG, and even run emulators. It's basically a mini gaming PC in your hands!

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avatarBustingSpire12 days ago

Steam Deck is designed primarily for Steam, but you can load other game stores and even your favorite ROMs with a bit of tinkering. Flexibility is key!

avatarPleasingSkip12 days ago

Quick answer: nope. It can play more than just Steam games.

avatarScoldingIrony12 days ago

I鈥檝e used my Steam Deck to play games from Epic Games Store and It works perfectly! Just need to install the launchers.

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