Can You Change the SSD on the Steam Deck?

avatarQuestioningVale·10 days ago
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avatarSawingBully·10 days ago

Yes, you can change the SSD on the Steam Deck! Just keep in mind it's not exactly a walk in the park and may void your warranty.

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avatarDezincingBrute·10 days ago

Absolutely, but Valve recommends against it due to potential component damage. If you're tech-savvy, go for it – otherwise, maybe think twice.

avatarSingingRidge·10 days ago

I swapped out my Steam Deck's SSD last weekend. It worked just fine, but I'd strongly suggest watching some guide videos first!

avatarDepetallingMummy·10 days ago

Nope, it’s not user-friendly enough for most people and could mess up your Deck.

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