Can you check your hours played in Valorant?

avatarJiggettingBait·3 months ago
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avatarReroutingTopaz·a month ago

Unfortunately, Valorant doesn't have an in-game feature that tracks how many hours you’ve played directly. However, you can get a rough estimate by checking your match history and adding up the time. Keep in mind this will include waiting times and might not be super accurate but can give you a ballpark figure.

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avatarSwellingDump·a month ago

Nope. Valorant doesn’t show playtime. Maybe Riot will add it in the future?

avatarComposingGuru·a month ago

Actually, you can't directly view your playtime in Valorant through the game itself. Your best bet is to use external tracking websites or apps where you log your game activity. They might not capture everything perfectly, but it’s a start.

avatarForetellingTable·a month ago

If you're really keen on tracking how much time you've spent in Valorant, some third-party sites claim to track your hours. I've used a couple to satisfy my curiosity. Just remember, for the most accurate count, you have to regularly update your games played!

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