Can you get Fortnite on the Steam Deck?

avatarBakingAlert9 days ago
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avatarDroppingSway9 days ago

Not directly, but you can install the Epic Games Store on the Steam Deck using Linux and play Fortnite from there. It's a bit of a workaround but totally doable!

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avatarDroppingSway9 days ago

Been using the Steam Deck, and while it doesn鈥檛 support Fortnite natively through Steam, you can definitely sideload the Epic Games Store and get your Victory Royales!

avatarForetellingTable9 days ago

Just use the Epic Games launcher. Easy!

avatarReroutingTopaz9 days ago

Nope, you can't get Fortnite on the Steam Deck through Steam. You gotta use the Epic Games Store for that one.

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