Can you hear weapon switching in Valorant?

avatarSwellingDump3 months ago
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avatarQuestioningValea month ago

Nah, you can't hear weapon switching in Valorant. Riot made it silent so you can sneak around without giving yourself away just because you wanted to swap to your fancy pistol.

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avatarReoccuringRacea month ago

Weapon switching sound? Nah, that's not a thing in Valorant. It's all silent on that front, so switch away without worry!

avatarHatchellingCalma month ago

Loud and clear: you CANNOT hear weapon switching in Valorant. It's designed that way to keep your sneaky strats on the down-low.

avatarReoccuringRacea month ago

Actually, nope, weapon switching is as quiet as a ninja. Helps with those sneaky plays, so you don't tip off the enemy with unnecessary noise.

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