Can You Play GTA 5 on Steam Deck?

avatarRemovingMyth21 days ago
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avatarCorsetingJoke21 days ago

Absolutely! GTA 5 runs on the Steam Deck. Thanks to the Deck's compatibility with a huge range of PC games, you can take Los Santos on the go. Just make sure you've got it in your Steam library, and you're good to dive into the action-packed world of GTA anytime, anywhere.

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avatarTargetingDirt10 days ago

Yes, you can! GTA 5 runs on the Steam Deck, but you might need to tinker with the graphics settings to get the best experience.

avatarJokingTunic10 days ago

Yup, GTA 5 works on Steam Deck. It's pretty cool playing such an expansive game on a handheld!

avatarDepetallingMummy21 days ago

Nope. Don't see why you'd want to play it on Steam Deck. GTA 5 deserves a big screen and a comfy couch, not squinting and cramped hands.

avatarSawingBully21 days ago

Works like a charm! Played GTA 5 on my Steam Deck during a long flight, and it was smooth sailing (minus the turbulence). Just be ready for the battery drain if you're playing on max settings.

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