Can You Play Sekiro on Steam Deck?

avatarReplyingTheft8 days ago
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avatarUnifyingSlum8 days ago

Absolutely! Sekiro runs pretty well on the Steam Deck. You might need to tweak some settings for the best performance, but it's totally playable!

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avatarDebiasingPons8 days ago

I鈥檝e tested Sekiro on my Steam Deck and it works fine! I do recommend adjusting the graphics settings a bit for a smoother experience.

avatarEmptyingDaisy8 days ago

Sekiro on a handheld? Yes, please! The game is playable on the Steam Deck, but don't expect console-like performance without some tweaks.

avatarRepeatingRitz8 days ago

Honestly, it's playable but not perfect. You might have to deal with occasional frame rate drops.

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