Can You Play Strategy Games on the Steam Deck?

avatarWarningSquad14 days ago
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avatarBakingAlert14 days ago

Absolutely, you can play strategy games on the Steam Deck! Many strategy games are optimized for it, and you can even play classics like 'Civilization VI' or 'XCOM 2'. It's a portable powerhouse!

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avatarAttemptingDance14 days ago

Yup! I've been playing 'Total War: Three Kingdoms' on my Steam Deck, and it runs smooth as butter. Highly recommend!

avatarResolvingGame14 days ago

For sure! The Steam Deck handles strategy games really well. I鈥檝e been conquering galaxies in 'Stellaris' while on the go, no problem.

avatarSingingRidge14 days ago

Yeah, you can. The controls might take a bit to get used to, but it's definitely doable.

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