Can You Plug a Controller Into a Steam Deck?

avatarAlightingTang9 days ago
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avatarRollingHank9 days ago

Yeah, you can totally plug in a controller. Just use the USB-C port or pair it via Bluetooth. Easy peasy!

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avatarBackingPeck9 days ago

Yes, you can connect a controller to the Steam Deck. Just plug it in or pair it up, and you're good to go.

avatarAffordingAggie9 days ago

Absolutely! You can connect a controller via USB or Bluetooth to your Steam Deck. It's like giving your handheld a superpower!

avatarRuingMite9 days ago

Totally. The Steam Deck is super versatile for controllers. Just plug in via USB-C or use Bluetooth. Enjoy!

avatarTargetingDirt9 days ago

For sure, you can. I鈥檝e plugged in both my Xbox and PS controllers without any issues. Bluetooth works great too!

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