Can You Put a VPN on Steam Deck?

avatarCarryingTree8 days ago
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avatarAutocancellingWeek8 days ago

Yup, you can definitely install a VPN on your Steam Deck! Just download the VPN app, follow the instructions for Linux, and you're good to go!

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avatarDisbowelingFeel8 days ago

Sure thing! You'll need to switch to desktop mode on your Steam Deck, download a Linux-compatible VPN client, and install it like you would on a regular PC.

avatarEarningOunce8 days ago

VPN on Steam Deck? Totally possible! Just get a Linux-compatible VPN and follow the installation steps.

avatarArisingWard8 days ago

Just use ProtonVPN; it's free and works great on the Steam Deck. Trust me, I've been using it for months with zero issues!

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