Can You Replace the Steam Deck Joystick?

avatarAssemblingDelta12 days ago
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avatarWanderingFacet12 days ago

Yeah, it's pretty straightforward. Get a replacement joystick from iFixit or other vendors and follow their guide.

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avatarMisleadingBride12 days ago

Yes, you can replace the Steam Deck joystick! Valve designed it to be user-repairable, so you can swap out parts like the joystick if needed. Just make sure you follow the instructions in the iFixit guide.

avatarRavellingMane12 days ago

Of course, you can! I swapped mine out last week. Wasn't too hard, just follow a tutorial.

avatarAttemptingDance12 days ago

Nope, just buy a new one. Easier and less hassle.

avatarDistributingJoke12 days ago

Absolutely, the joysticks on a Steam Deck are replaceable. Valve even partnered with iFixit to provide official replacement parts and guides.

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