Can you sell your MOC in GTA 5?

avatarBustingSpire3 months ago
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avatarCorsetingJoke3 months ago

No selling the MOC, folks. It's a lifelong commitment, like a gym membership you never use but keep anyway.

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avatarBringingLimp3 months ago

Nah, you can't sell your Mobile Operations Center (MOC) in GTA 5. It's like that one appliance you buy and can't return - once it's yours, it stays yours. You can, however, replace it if you wanna change things up a bit, but don't expect any cash back.

avatarDepetallingMummy3 months ago

Absolutely not. Tried it once thinking I could make a quick buck. Turns out, GTA 5 doesn't let you sell the MOC. It's a bummer, but hey, it's still pretty useful for those special missions.

avatarMuggingCreek3 months ago

Short answer: Nope, you can't sell the MOC. It's a one-time purchase. Think of it as a tattoo, permanent and kinda cool.

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