Can You Trade In Steam Deck for OLED?

avatarDepetallingMummy·11 days ago
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avatarColoringNoon·11 days ago

Valve doesn’t currently offer a trade-in program for the Steam Deck, so you’ll need to sell it and buy an OLED device separately.

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avatarSigningSpine·11 days ago

Nope, you can’t trade in a Steam Deck directly for an OLED. But you can always sell it online and use the cash.

avatarTargetingDirt·11 days ago

You can't trade in the Steam Deck for an OLED. Just sell the Deck, then grab an OLED!

avatarVitriolingMouth·11 days ago

I've checked, and unfortunately, there's no option to trade in a Steam Deck for an OLED model at this time.

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