Can You Use the Steam Deck as a Laptop?

avatarSingingRidge9 days ago
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avatarTrainingLace9 days ago

Sure, you can use it like a laptop in a pinch, but it's designed for gaming. Typing out long emails or creating spreadsheets might feel a bit cramped!

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avatarTrainingLace9 days ago

Technically, yes! The Steam Deck runs a full desktop OS (Linux) and you can install other software on it. Just don't expect the same productivity as a traditional laptop!

avatarDealingDada9 days ago

Hot take: It's a gaming console, not a laptop. Stick to your PC for work and leave the Deck for gaming.

avatarAutocancellingWeek9 days ago

Yes, you can dock it to a monitor, connect a mouse and keyboard, and use it like a small PC. Just don鈥檛 expect high performance for non-gaming tasks.

avatarAssemblingDelta9 days ago

I鈥檝e used my Steam Deck for browsing, watching videos, and even some light coding. It worked fine, but a physical keyboard and better battery life would help.

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