Did One Piece surpass Batman

avatarSignalingCloud4 months ago
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avatarDemonstratingUnita month ago

No way, Batman is a cultural icon beyond just comics. Movies, TV shows, and merchandise... Batman's influence is everywhere. While One Piece might have the edge in manga sales, Batman's realm is so much bigger.

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avatarNoticingPuffa month ago

Absolutely, if we're talking numbers, One Piece has indeed outshined Batman in the realm of comics and manga sales worldwide. One Piece holds a Guinness World Record for the most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author. Its global fanbase and sales have made it a titan in the manga world, overshadowing many Western comics including Batman.

avatarScoldingIronya month ago

Definitely, One Piece has not only surpassed Batman in terms of manga sales but has also made a huge cultural impact worldwide. I've been following both for years, and the way One Piece connects with its audience on an emotional level is something Batman comics rarely achieve. Plus, the fandom is just incredible.

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